The ANGRY BEAR is an extremely limited run of just 15 pedals - we hope to have more in the future, as parts allow: upgrades here are silver mica and true military surplus box capacitors, housed with the best Neutrik jacks and 3pdt true bypass switching. Don't miss your chance to own this one.

We've managed to fit a Black Russian ("Bubble Font" 7C circuit) muff clone into a 4.39 X 2.34 X 1.06 box. All the tone! Way less pedalboard footprint! 

This model is built with modern equivalent 2n5089 transistors, while all other elements of the build are accurate to the schematic values: carbon film resistors, good mix of mylar and ceramic capacitors as per the original.

-handbuilt boutique quality throughout
-true bypass, point-to-point wiring
-best in class pots and Neutrik brand open-frame jacks
-standard, center negative "Boss style"9v jack (or internal battery)

ANGRY BEAR Bubble Font Black Russian Big Muff clone

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