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Bellows Fuzz/Overdrive Clone

Bellows Fuzz/Overdrive Clone

Just one of these available, in "matte army green" finish. EQD Bellows Fuzz/Overdrive Clone built on the circuit board design by Implex Implex.

"Bellows - fuzz / overdrive with a minimalist set of settings and an unchildish amount of low frequencies.Volume level and overdrive level - these are the settings that the famous and always young Fuzz Face offers us. Despite its minimalism, this concept has long established itself, especially when played live. Bellows can probably be called an analogue of Fuzz Face from the twenty-first century - the same twists, the same reaction to the dynamics of the game. Just two potentiometers, Drive and Level, supported by volume and tone potentiometers on the guitar, allow for sound from "any era of rock and roll," according to a press release."

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