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Fat Bald Guy - Big Muff clone

Fat Bald Guy - Big Muff clone

"Fat Bald Guy" is our house blend Muff-style pedal - the component values don't exactly match any known variants, but electronically it's similar to the V3. Sonically, it's more a V5, it's got that "fuzz all the way down to the bottom" and really nails that Smashing Pumpkins, Dino Jr tone: completely over the top fuzz with a huge bottom end. It's THE cabinet rattler. Limited Edition "orange matte sand" finish.

Now in 1590b size (4.37" X 2.37" X 1.07") , same as our whole lineup - more tone in less space! 
-handbuilt boutique quality throughout-true bypass wiring-best in class Neutrik brand jacks-standard, center negative "Boss style"9v jack (or internal battery)

    $89.99 Regular Price
    $69.99Sale Price
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