How did we get the price tag down to just $59.99? Our "bare aluminum" series uses unfinished, unpainted enclosures pre-printed with generic "volume/tone/drive" controls for all models. We buy in bulk, and we pass the savings along to you!

Now in 1590B "mini" enclosure size. We've managed to fit a Triangle muff clone into a 4.39 X 2.34 X 1.06 box. All the tone! Way less pedalboard footprint!

Chicago Stompworks clone of the original Ram's Head Ram Muff circuit as popularized by David Gilmour and others.

This model is built with modern equivalent 2n5088 transistors, while all other elements of the build are as accurate and period correct as possible: carbon film resistors, good mix of mylar and ceramic capacitors as per the original. 

-circuit is accurate to the original, down to the original reverse "hi-cut" tone pot
-handbuilt boutique quality throughout, true bypass point-to-point wiring
-best in class pots and jacks
-standard, center negative "Boss style" 9v jack (or internal battery)

​*Barebox builds are closeout priced - no returns, may be exchanged for defects only

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"Ram's Head" Big Muff Clone Pedal - Chicago Stompworks fuzz - bare aluminum

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