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The Green Thing: Tubescreamer TS808 Clone

The Green Thing: Tubescreamer TS808 Clone

"1590b" enclosure size (4.37" X 2.37" X 1.07"), save space on your pedalboard!

"The Green Thing" is the Chicago Stompworks clone recreation of the Tubescreamer TS808 pedal - it's a true handbuilt boutique piece, comparable to the handwired TS clone that retails for nearly $300. Don't sleep on this one!

- Handbuilt, boutique quality
- True Bypass, 3pdt switching
- Finest quality components throughout, best-in-class Neutrik jacks - built to last
- Standard "Boss Style" center negative 9v adapter, or internal 9v battery
- hand built from the ground up!

Video demo courtesy of Blugubrious: YouTube Channel

    $74.99 Regular Price
    $69.99Sale Price
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