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Gray Speck OD250™ grey spec clone PRE-ORDER

Gray Speck OD250™ grey spec clone PRE-ORDER

Last chance to grab this is at the holiday sale price! This one is a pre-order that should be shipping from us during the week of 2/6. Once these are in hand and in stock they'll be back up to regular price. Reserve yours at the sale price and be first in line for shipping.


The "Gray Speck" is the DOD OD250 "1979 gray spec" clone overdrive pedal from boutique builder Chicago Stompworks. 
-handbuilt boutique quality throughout
-true bypass, point-to-point wiring
-best in class Neutrik brand jacks, Alpha brand pots
-standard center negative "Boss style"9v jack or internal battery
current draw: 2ma

The original circuit, reproduced here, is the favorite of Yngwie and many others - unleash the fury with this classic boost!

    $79.99 Regular Price
    $54.99Sale Price
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