MR. VERMIN - Original Rat™ Clone PRE-ORDER

MR. VERMIN - Original Rat™ Clone PRE-ORDER

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Our “Desert island” pedal. You need just one pedal to cover every “rock” tone? It's Mister Vermin. Built on the original specs his rodent ancestors, Mister Vermin delivers endless amounts of creamy, crunchy amp stack tone.

Desirable version 2 down to the clockwise filter control (the filter cuts high frequencies as it is turned clockwise).

"1590b" enclosure size (4.37" X 2.37" X 1.07") , save space on your pedalboard! 

-circuit is accurate to the original, legendary "Rat V2" circuit, down to the reverse "hi-cut" tone pot
-handbuilt boutique quality throughout
-true bypass wiring
-best in class jacks, Alpha brand pots, 3pdt switch
-standard, center negative "Boss style"9v jack (or internal battery) - current draw 2ma

This pedal covers almost every hard rock guitar tone you'll ever need, period! 

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