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OCTAVE UP Green Ringer™ clone

OCTAVE UP Green Ringer™ clone


A great recreation of the "Green Ringer" Octave pedal: a late 60's Proctavia-ish clone, to begin with! It's a ring modulator circuit that produces a wonderful soaring higher octave tone when you play figures around and above the 12th fret. Think "Purple Haze" solo. Unlike most octave ringer circuits, this one does NOT include a distortion circuit - just the octave effect (place your own distortion in the FX chain before this pedal for best results). Our audio demo includes an additional distortion pedal.


Dry, without distortion, this pedal can make a psychedelic racket! It's a true vintage 60's design that doesn't perfectly octave track like a compter based plugin - it's wild and untameable!


-handbuilt boutique quality throughout

-true bypass wiring

-best in class jacks/pots/hardware

-standard, center negative "Boss style"9v jack (or internal battery)
current draw: 1.5ma *for quietest results with this warts-and-all vintage circuit, we recommend 9V battery power!

Video demo courtesy of Blugubrious: YouTube Channel

    $69.99 Regular Price
    $59.99Sale Price
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